Self Destruct

Alvin Lucier, I Am Sitting in a Room. I Am Sitting in a Room different than the one you are in now. I Am Sitting in a Room different than the one you are in now. I Am Sitting in a Room different than the one you are in now.

“In 1969, composer Alvin Lucier created a work that’s half science demo, half wonderfully creepy art: he recorded and then re-recorded, his own voice, over and over, until it turned into nothing but noise. It’s the coolest thing you’ll hear today. Lucier’s recording—”I Am Sitting in a Room”—banks on the fact that for any given room (the one you’re in now, your bedroom, the mayor’s office), there are certain frequencies of sound that’ll resonate above all others. Every time a recording is made inside this room, these frequencies slowly creep in over everything else—namely, Lucier’s voice. With each successive version, Lucier sounds more like a robot trapped in a tin box, until he sounds like nothing at all.” – Gizmodo

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4 Responses to “Self Destruct”

  1. Jimmy Woko via Facebook says:

    I think so.

  2. Trms says:

    That’s interesting. I wonder what would happen if you try this in an anechoic chamber, and how many re-re-recordings it took for his voice to be completely destroyed.

  3. jimlette says:

    Another example of the concept being better than the results ( i.e. painful irritation).

  4. Bobby Wilks via Facebook says:

    i made recordings of your voice.

    you sound like a mutant.

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