Herr Zimmerman Show Report

I’m back from Rotterdam and my live show at the Herr Zimmerman party. It was as cool as I’d hope it would be. I had friends from Belgium meet me there, played some new songs and closed 2012 with just enough “party” that would make most people write their new years resolutions in capital letters. The promoters of the event Mario Martinez and Linda who also DJ as TanzMan and Fraulein Z have been doing the Herr Zimmerman events for some time and it really shows. They have built up what I think is the perfect crowd… slightly freaky, nerdy and love to dance. To view the full set of photos: click here

“Herr Zimmerman’ is the name of the alien Katze – Herr Zimmerman – who has come to Earth, to throw these amazing tanzparties! Experience amazing parties with a crazy mix of very nice people, that are there for only one thing: To create an amazing Party! The unique techno electro party nights, originally & frequently take place in Factory 010 in Rotterdam” – Herr Zimmerman

For more info: facebook.com/HerrZimmerman

photo credit: Arno de Voogd

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