Rotterdam this Weekend

I will be performing a live show (The Horrorist) this Saturday night in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The event called Herr Zimmerman is quite notorious. Each event is well somewhat S&M themed and from what I hear no one leaves, early or without accepting or inflicting some amount of pain. I have several new songs to perform and a nifty black patent leather 1987ish Michael Jackson jacket to wear. If you’re there please come and say hello!

“MISTER ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK CITY – THE HORRORIST, ist coming to EUROPE! Saturday 29 december is the last Saturday & weekend of 2012! The perfect night for an incredible and crazy 2012 Closing Party in Rotterdam, Factory 010! Muzik: TanzMan, The Horrorist, Fraulein Z & More!” – Herr Zimmerman

For more info:


  1. Sounds like a cool event.I hope you can provide for some photos afterwards.


    1. I’m here now already enjoying the city. Photos definitely to come!


  2. Got to be in the middle of the mix now!! 6:48p EST – 12:48a local … joyless pleasure encore anyone…


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