Animmoog V2

I created a little video above just messing around with Animoog V2’s new 4 Track. I threw in some Richard Devine presets too. Cubasis and this little feature are hopeful signs that we are going to end up with some very nice full fledged touch sequencers sooner than later. I learned we need some drum sounds in Animoog and I sound like a wuss Darth Vader with my nasal breathing.

“Also, as a holiday gift, Animoog V2 features apowerful 4 Track Recorder, which gives Animoog users the ability to record audio from within Animoog or import audio tracks directly from their iTunes library. Users can then split, loop, copy, paste, and share individual clips, or mix down entire songs and upload them directly to SoundCloud, all from within the Animoog’s universe.” –

For more info:

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