Telemark V2.0

I think the Analogue Solutions Telemark is a really killer synth. It’s based off an Oberheim SEM them pumped up with some added features. It’s new and has MIDI yet has a vintage sound and has CV too. I own one and use it on most of my songs. There is now a V2.0 Telemark with a Ring Modulator and Sub Oscillator/Divider. Check out the video above to see the additions in action.

“Here’s a first look at the Analogue Solutions Telemark V2.0 synthesizer. The new release features the addition of a SUB OSC / DIVIDER as well as a RING MOD. The inclusion of these two sound sculpting elements have a vast and powerful effect on the overall sound of the TM.” – Rezfilter

For more info:


  1. what’s the build quality like? it’s been sketchy in the past… love the sound but…….


    1. I’ve never had an issue with mine.


    2. Build quality is superb… gotta love how these unfounded rumors start. I’ve owned 3 AS synths and all have been built like tanks. Love the Telemark! V2 sounds badass


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