MacBeth Nexus 1

Ken Macbeth makes a third iteration of his new synth this time with a touchplate. This one is called the Nexus 1. Purely sexy no!?!

“This is the first demo of the complimentary synth to the micromac series. 4 Oscillators, Dual State Variable Filter and 4 Envelope generators should get you started, The touch keyboard rounds it up! See you at NAMM ’13!” – Ken Macbeth

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  1. Shouldn’t we wait for a Nexus-6 model? Or is Nexus 1 before they built in the 4 year life span?


  2. OMG – it’s GORGEOUS!! It’s also about freakin’ time someone other than Buchla uses a touchplate keypad… I personally think they’re FAR better for playing synths. Way more options for real-time expression. LOVE IT!!


  3. Ahh I hope its not gonna a cream faceplate…. It was the sexiest synth I’ve ever seen all brass like….

    Black/grey/green even please but not cream. :)


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