Xaoc Moskwa

There are many great analog sequencers in the Eurorack modular format. Once you start a system you realize you can use more than one at a time for various reasons. The Xaoc Moskwa is a nicely made, compact, pretty module full of useful features. The Moskwa is $340 USD. I already own a Doepfer Dark Time and 4MS RCD. I have my eye on a Make Noise Rene and the upcoming Intellijel Metropolis too.

“Moskwa is a compact, fully self-contained step sequencer with a handy set of features: 8 steps of control voltage and trigger/gate impulse generation. Unipolar and bipolar voltages. Adjustable overall gate width. Mutable gates (per step). 3 play modes: standard, pendulum & random. Built–in slew limiter (linear). Built–in adjustable clock source. External clock sync. Adjustable sequence lenght. Voltage controlled reset, pause and play direction. Expandability via the upcoming ostankino 1966 sequence commander module.” – analoguehaven.com

For more info: facebook.com/xaocdevices and xaocdevices.com


  1. Davide Mazza via Facebook November 20, 2012 at 6:12 am

    and it looks pretty badass, too ;)


  2. Nice post. I really like the aesthetics of this sequencer. The Rene is wonderful, and extremely deep sequencer, if you get a chance pick one up. I just bought one a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. The Dark Time does the rest of my sequencer duties, and of course the RCD is always doing something…


    1. Yeah the Rene really has me intrigued. I watch some lengthy tutorial videos and like most Make Noise stuff there’s a lot of oh wow it can do that too in it.


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