Xaoc Moskwa

There are many great analog sequencers in the Eurorack modular format. Once you start a system you realize you can use more than one at a time for various reasons. The Xaoc Moskwa is a nicely made, compact, pretty module full of useful features. The Moskwa is $340 USD. I already own a Doepfer Dark Time and 4MS RCD. I have my eye on a Make Noise Rene and the upcoming Intellijel Metropolis too.

“Moskwa is a compact, fully self-contained step sequencer with a handy set of features: 8 steps of control voltage and trigger/gate impulse generation. Unipolar and bipolar voltages. Adjustable overall gate width. Mutable gates (per step). 3 play modes: standard, pendulum & random. Built–in slew limiter (linear). Built–in adjustable clock source. External clock sync. Adjustable sequence lenght. Voltage controlled reset, pause and play direction. Expandability via the upcoming ostankino 1966 sequence commander module.” – analoguehaven.com

For more info: facebook.com/xaocdevices and xaocdevices.com

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4 Responses to “Xaoc Moskwa”

  1. Davide Mazza via Facebook says:

    and it looks pretty badass, too ;)

  2. jessem says:

    Nice post. I really like the aesthetics of this sequencer. The Rene is wonderful, and extremely deep sequencer, if you get a chance pick one up. I just bought one a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. The Dark Time does the rest of my sequencer duties, and of course the RCD is always doing something…

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