Ableton Live 9 Audio to MIDI

The feature that has me the most excited about Live 9 is Drum and Melody to MIDI. I’ve use various other tools to do this (Melodyne for one) but it’s always been hit or miss. It does look like Ableton has cracked this and it’s going to be an amazing and useful tool.

“Your voice is the new keyboard: sing, beatbox, tap a rhythm on your desk, or play any solo instrument to capture your musical ideas as they come. Then use the Melody- or Drums-to-MIDI feature to turn your recordings into MIDI clips that you can edit and reuse with any sound.” –

For more info:

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4 Responses to “Ableton Live 9 Audio to MIDI”

  1. chus says:

    Live 9 is still not fixed like live 8
    See yourself:

    • I don’t think I experience the problem in Live 8. Those are some long threads to read. Is it a Mac or PC specific issue maybe (I’m on a Mac)?

    • Benjamin says:

      I like this feature but the most amazing thing for me is the clip-intended automations!
      Can’t wait to upgrade my live 8 to 9.

      New features perfectly fit my musical ideas.

  2. ronnie says:

    Most interesting feature to me. During the day my head is always full of melodies and beats that I don’t always manage to translate to my DAW when I get to it. I can see myself recording stuff on my Zoom pocket recorder whenever something comes to mind, and have Ableton do the “hard” work later. This could be a huge time saver.

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