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James Spadavecchia contacted me about his product USBtribe. It’s an interface you install into a Korg Monotribe. Once installed the Monotribe shows up as a controller. You have tempo and transport sync, synth MIDI in on Channel 1 and drum MIDI in Channel 10. The modified Monotribe also now has MIDI out so you can record the MIDI of what the Monotribe is doing. Installation was mostly easy. It took me a little fiddling to get the tiny plugs into the terminal block. To file a hole required for the wire’s out I had to buy a round file. Check out the demo video I created above to see it’s features.

“Introducing the USBtribe, a USB MIDI interface modification designed specifically for use with the Korg Monotribe analog ribbon station. This mod adds a USB socket to the Monotribe synthesizer, providing USB MIDI IO and DC power supply over a single USB cable.” –

For more info:

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11 Responses to “USBtribe Demo”

  1. Chris says:

    Was it me or was the midi messed up sounding when ableton was recording from the monotribe?
    This is freaking awesome if it works correctly.

  2. hjj says:

    Can you connect the controller keyboard directly (without PC)?

    • I don’t know and I already took the unit out to send back to James. I’ve asked him to visit this post and answer any questions.

    • Hi hjj,

      The USBtribe is a USB slave device, so it requires a USB host to connect to. Whilst technically possible, there are some standalone devices which can host peripherals such tablet computer and some digital cameras, I don’t know of any MIDI controller keyboards with this feature.

  3. Chris says:

    What about the weird midi notes when you were recording the midi output into ableton?
    What was being recorded definitely didn’t sound like the synth part from the beginning of the video.

  4. Chris says:

    Makes sense.
    Glad you figured that out.

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