Samplr for iPad

I’m addicted to Samplers. I once owned a Roland S-50 and then an Akai S-950. A Make Noise Phonogene is on my must have list. iOS has some great and fun Samplers such as sir Sampleton, SampleWiz, sampletoy, iSample, SingingFingers and I am Sampler. Now you can at Samplr to the list and it looks like the most full featured yet. The iPad’s touch screen really makes sense here with 7 ways to play with the sample. Watch the videos above for the details. $4.99 USD.

“Samplr lets you make music and play with sound in a new and intuitive way by touching the waveform on the screen directly with your fingers.” –

For more info:


  1. I’d only wish it could actually sample. ;)


  2. I am super excited about this app! I mean how else could you do these kinds of sounds besides with a multitouch touchscreen? Really inspiring interface design!


  3. Interesting… minimal interface kinda reminds me of the op-1.


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