Depeche Mode VW Advertisement

Dave Gahan and the song People are People star in Volkswagen’s new advertisement. The Golf is VW’s most important car. It shows how freakin huge DM are in Germany. Really huge. My only question is: Why didn’t they use the song Behind the Wheel?

“You have to know people to build the one car — Der Golf. Das Auto. Enjoy the new tv commercial and discover different cover versions of the famous Depeche Mode Song “People are People”. If you look closely, you might spot a celebrity.” –

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3 thoughts on “Depeche Mode VW Advertisement”

  1. hey, I guess they didn’t chose “Behind the Wheel” because Volkswagen stands for “People’s Car”….and people are peole…Regards from Frankfurt

  2. I am actually very interested in getting a Golf TDI; I’m basing my decision on if I want a MK6 or the MK7 that is in the video based on when they announce the pricing and the location of assembly for the American version.

    Also the fact that Dave has been in one makes me want the MK7 even more.

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