Doepfer A-117 DNG

A great recourse of Eurorack module video demos is the blog PatchPierre. This week they posted a great video from Raul Pena which takes a look at the Doepfer A-117 Digital Noise/808 Source. It starts with an audio demo comparing analog and digital noise, shows how the noise can be used as a clock source, what sounds the 808 outputs create (cowbell and cymbal/hihat) and how to use a VCA, ASDR and Trigger to get some basic drum sequencing going.

“Demonstrations of how to create percussion sounds with this module.” – Raul Pena

For more info: patchpierre and

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  1. Thanks for the credits, but “Raul Pena’s blog PatchPierre” is not correct.
    On my PatchPierre blog i write articles about Doepfer/Eurorack-related stuff and publish videos and other interesting stuff i find on the web, and Raul Pena’s videos just happen to be among them.
    …but thanks for reading the blog anyway… i had great times in the 90s dancing/jumping to Flesh is the Fever. :-) Have a great day!

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