ARP 2600 Oberkorn

If you watch synth demos on Youtube you have no doubt come across some by Rezfilter. He demos a lot of stuff for our mutual friend Tom Carpenter. Tom as yo may know is the man behind Analogue Solutions. An interesting note about Tom is that even though he can make any synth he wants he also buys them all. Talk about a synth lover! In this video Rez pairs an Oberkorn analogue sequencer with an ARP 2600. What maybe also very interesting to synthpop lovers is that all these demos are leading somewhere. Tom has been preparing some music releases. I’m not supposed to tell you this but I have heard some of the music and let’s say if your a fan of early Depeche Mode you are in for a treat.

“Here’s a demo song featuring a soundscape entirely from the ARP 2600 (x 2)! All sounds, fx and drum patterns in the track were sequenced exclusively via the Oberkorn MK3 by Analogue Solutions.” – rezfilter

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  1. Huh… Which came first? The sequencer or the DM B-side: Oberkorn, It’s A Small Town…?? Inquiring nerds want to know…! ;)


  2. And … RezFilter seq is HOT! Nice stuff.


  3. the oberkorn seems cool. i have to buy a new sequencer, my old technosauros cyclodon is too limited. so, dark time, mfb urzwerg or oberkorn… hm. any recommendations?


    1. I’d go for the Oberkorn definitely. It can be controlled and manipulated (hacked) in so many ways that it’s ridiculous…and light years ahead of the Cyclodon…



    2. Oberkorn is a sure bet. I like my Dark Time because it’s small. I don’t know if the Urzweg allows you to pitch the entire sequenced line via MIDI… I think that’s vital.


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