Haywire – The Horrorist

I am very pleased to announce my new release Haywire is now available! This is the 3rd single from my upcoming album Fire Funmania. This time around I asked techno legend Al Ferox, drum & bass master The Panacea and hardcore producer Tymon to do remixes. My parents used to fight a lot. This one is about that. Couples fighting, yelling sex hate and love.

“The 3rd single from the upcoming Horrorist album Fire Funmania. This time Chesler goes back to his aggressive roots with a very in your face track! The lyrics are amazing on this one. Remixes by Panacea, Al Ferox and Tymon. 10/10!” – Beatport

Buy now: iTunes, Beatport, and Amazon MP3

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15 Responses to “Haywire – The Horrorist”

  1. Jason Duerr says:

    OK, going to buy it, which source gives you the best margin, beatport or amazon? Where is it better for you to register a sale? THX.

  2. Tazz says:

    So fucking aggressive, so fucking hostile, so fucking beautiful!

    Do love the bits of old-school gabber/hardcore notes in this piece.

  3. So happy i got the opportunity to remix that amazing track….thanks oliver!!!!!

  4. So happy i got the opportunity to remix that amazing track….thanks oliver!!!!!

  5. The Panacea Official Thank you Mathis!!

  6. Marcus says:

    Aaahh finally.I’ve been waiting for this since I first heard it in the preview2012 video.
    Hope its on i-tunes soon

  7. Brian stevens says:

    What’s interesting here is the great care in articulate language. The violent elements of the rythmic foundation, although saturated to the extreme, are in precise counterpoint to the text. The words convey a poetic urgency with traces of dark humour. With no harm intended.

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