In Flagranti – Business Acumen

Sometimes a really simple song can make you dam pleased. 2008’s Business Acumen (Kitsuné music 078) by In Flagranti does that to me. Every time the guitar comes in at 2:05 I always start smiling. I hear a Roland TR-707 and TR-727. In Flagranti are from Switzerland.

“the song is amazing and the vid soooo strange but…what’s? its sense?i couldn’t understand it…” – cieloazzurro09 (Youtube)

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TRAX RetroWave

We live in analog times. The TRAX RetroWave comes from the UK. They are available new via eBay for $524. It’s a fully analog synth with MIDI and 5V CV. It has a noise generator, sample & hold, pulse width modulation and an overdrive circuit. What’s the downside?

“The TRAX RetroWave desktop monosynth was designed for musicians who want the warmth and raw power of classic analogue sound, created by a real analogue instrument, as opposed to a digital system or computer emulation. This compact unit is great for use in studios, with your home computer programs, in live performances, and for creating sound effects for film, TV and theatre.”

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Photos from Three Wave Music

I had to de-stress from a tough day at work so I decide to finally take a ride to Hawthorne, New Jersey. What could be sitting out in a nondescript town on a side road in an industrial park? How about a giant room of synthesizers? Yes. The place is called Three Wave Music. Every now and then a photo will pop up of the place on the Gearslutz’s forums with a title like “Mother of all synth stores.”. Yet I don’t think a lot of people drive out there. Well the own Sam is friendly and some of his pricing is good especially considering it’s retail and his used equipment comes with a Warranty. He also sells on consignment and what is exciting to me is he likes to do barter/trades! Lastly, Sam repairs synths. Go visit and buy something because it’s great store like this exist. To see a full set of 22 photos on flickr: click here.

“Great place for repairs here! Sam just brought my 909 back from the dead a few weeks ago. He also took care of some issues my SH-101 had and also brought my e-mu Morpheus back from the dead! Very nice guy to deal with!” – Randallx (via Gearslutz)

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Boomstar 4075

Here is the first audio demo from Studio Electronics Boomstar series I have heard. There will be four different Boomstar models each with a different filter. The demo here of the 4075 is an ARP2600 filter. They have MIDI and CV. You can download a full resolution AIFF audio demo here: link. I’m sure these unit will sound great (other Studio Electronics synths are excellent) but I find this specific demo a little annoying. Hey SE anytime you want a really good demo please send me review unit ok? The Boomstars will be in stores in about one month for around $800.

“Put some decent headphones on and listen to huge low booms end and searingly crisp filter sweeps. I tried to take it though a full compliment of waveforms, xmod, rmod, oscillator sync, feedback looping, resonance squeals and overdrive. There is quite a bit more to come when the LFO gets in on the action. The chassis are getting screened this week. We’ll post more demos in the days to come with video included. And no, this is not an SE1X or ATCX! They sound quite good, but there is nothing like the clarity and impact of pure discrete analog with hardware envelopes.” – Greg St. Regis

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