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Ableton today announced Live 9 and there new integrated hardware controller Push. There are many new features. The only piece of software I look at more is an internet browser. I’ve loved Live since version 4 and these new features have me pleased. 9 has Record Automation into Clips, a new Browser, Glue Compressor, Convolution Reverb, Melody and Drums to Midi Feature (oh yes!!), Automation Curves and more. Push also looks great. Designed with Akai. I hope they release it soon. The new Ableton website and logo is very nice too.

“Introducing Live 9 and Push” – Ableton

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11 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9”

  1. no track arm buttons? is it possible to record multiple trax of audio at once? or arm multiple trax at once to trigger patterns on a sequencer plug in on 2 different channels? because if not, then this is useless for me…

    1. I see track arm buttons. On the channel fader its the bottom most button. In Live 8 you hold Option while clicking them to arm and record multiple channels at once. I do it all the time.

  2. Still doesn’t look like they solved my biggest problem with live…
    Now that I have composed all these songs, how to arrange for a live show?
    Maybe this is simply an existing trick I have not learned yet.
    Is it possible to embed sets within sets?

      1. There’s also Live’s browser, which allows you to create a new track, then browse for channels inside of your existing tracks to import into your new filename_live_version.als

  3. Ableton ripped off the logo from E-MU Systems. Totally 100%. It looks almost exactly like the EIII advertising but just a little different. Fail.

  4. I like their site redesign, too. Especially that they went to responsive design coding. Try it yourself, Resize your browser window and you’ll see how the site recreates itself for PC, tablet and mobile as the window shrinks.

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