RichyHo’s Rack Planner

When building a modular synth system it’s good to plan ahead. There are numerous “rack planners’ out there. Up until the point of was using Andrew Parker’s web based modular planner (link). A few weeks ago I noticed there were a few modules that were not in his planner; specifically the Rebel Technology Stoicheia and Logoi. With some research on the Muffwiggler forum I discovered he is no longer working on his planner and suggested people use RichyHo’s Rack Planner. RichyHo’s Rack Planner looks amazing. It will cost a little money but it’s loaded with serious features. Everything you can imagine down to choosing if you want screws in the rack or not. There’s also cables and knob setting overlays so you can save “presets”. There’s an export to web function too that has me happy. Unfortunately it’s not available yet but it’s good to know it’s on the way.

“A description of some of the main features of my still-in-development modular synth planner and patch description system. It’ll eventually be available for Mac and PC.” – Richard Horsman

For more info:

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  1. Spirol says:

    There is a good looking and feature loaded alternative for the online planner available.

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