Depeche Style Analog Filtering

Last night I was playing with my Eurorack system and recorded the above loop. I love the way the each step in the sequence changes pitch and filter and then as a whole the filter ramps up and down. The filter is a Toppobrillo Multifilter. I have no idea why it’s named so strange but is sure sounds liquidy!

“Wiard Oscillator, Pittsburgh Modular ASDR, Intellijel and uVCA, Toppobrillo Multifilter, Boss DM-100, Doepfer Dark Time, Kenton Pro-2000 to Sync with Ableton Live and TR-707 drums.”

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  1. Awesome stuff! Is that the BOSS DM-100? I have the same one and I recently did some awesome feedback tones that totally kicked up the value of the DM-100 – plug a cable from the D+E Output to the Input then use the “Effect” output to go to your speakers (make sure you have another gain stage here like a mixer because the feedback tones are extremely loud) then just by tweaking all the knobs you can get different tones and you can use the input vol knob as a pitch adjustment. This works in both modes (chorus/echo) then you can add FX between the feedback loop (in between the D+E and the Input) I was using a phaser and flanger guitar pedals but the sky’s the limit here! Also that dB switch on the front helps kick it into feedback without having to max the input vol. I got the inspiration from a book about “Sonic Art” which mentioned David Lee Myers and his Feedback machines. I love your blog!!!

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