1. So now, I’ll sum it up – because all they’re saying is about their clothing attitude which is (in their opinion) directly linked to having an individual opinion about the world.

    Some of them say, they discovered the look and felt drawn to that.
    Others are wearing it part-time because of school or job. – They say it’s not healthy for your social status (or your marks ;) ) to “be like that” the whole time.
    There is a little discussion about that: One of the guys calls it democracy to let everyone be as he is without judging him another way as the “normal” guys.

    It’s a pity they don’t say any word about music-culture and clubbing.
    All in all, it’s all about LOOKS and nothing else.
    – Seems the media had real kids interviewed, which don’t know much more than how to look like a wave-punk.

    Sorry to inform you ’bout that ;/

    Ah, before I forget: Last passage is about them belonging to the pop-culture (so to say the mainstream-media)

    Hope that’s everything you’d wanna know ;)


  2. You know that’s funny, I have a lot of respect for those kids. back then it was very local, hands on and handmade.

    I think today’s music scenes could learn a thing or two from these kids.


    1. Oh yes. When I used to wear certain clothes/hair back in the 80s I risked a good beating. It’s different now… better and worse.


      1. I’m quite familiar with the classic standby “you look like rooster”.

        lol. For better and worse, yes.


  3. sounds like sisters of mercy in the background… lets start the day with a little bit of Reptile House and some white make up ;-)


  4. Manfred Gutmann October 6, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    1–Check out the Link :
    The punk rockers created a new
    kind of music, a new lifestyle, and
    they brought new life into the rock
    scene towards the end of the 1970s
    which was dominated by a few major
    acts with often superb
    craftsmanship yet limited
    inspiration. Punk rock had the same
    spontaneous, authentic and down-
    to-earth power once unleashed by
    the original untamed 50’s rock ‘n’
    roll artists and the wild and woolly
    60’s garage bands. Swiss punk
    rockers created genuine
    masterpieces of rock music, which
    today are highly sought after by fans
    and collectors around the world.
    The records they released,
    practically only 45s (with an odd 10″
    and a few samplers as exceptions)
    were mostly self-financed and hardly
    ever released in quantities of more
    than 500 copies.


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