Photos from Three Wave Music

I had to de-stress from a tough day at work so I decide to finally take a ride to Hawthorne, New Jersey. What could be sitting out in a nondescript town on a side road in an industrial park? How about a giant room of synthesizers? Yes. The place is called Three Wave Music. Every now and then a photo will pop up of the place on the Gearslutz’s forums with a title like “Mother of all synth stores.”. Yet I don’t think a lot of people drive out there. Well the own Sam is friendly and some of his pricing is good especially considering it’s retail and his used equipment comes with a Warranty. He also sells on consignment and what is exciting to me is he likes to do barter/trades! Lastly, Sam repairs synths. Go visit and buy something because it’s great store like this exist. To see a full set of 22 photos on flickr: click here.

“Great place for repairs here! Sam just brought my 909 back from the dead a few weeks ago. He also took care of some issues my SH-101 had and also brought my e-mu Morpheus back from the dead! Very nice guy to deal with!” – Randallx (via Gearslutz)

For more info:

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6 Responses to “Photos from Three Wave Music”

  1. Electronicaz says:

    Need somewhere like this near me! Looks rather like it might be a bit too exciting however, tears and tantrums may well follow. Great review too Mr C.

  2. Snave Legrev via Facebook says:

    oh hell… now i’m lusting after gear again. thank you mister Chesler

  3. Snave Legrev via Facebook says:

    oh hell… now i’m lusting after gear again. thank you mister Chesler

  4. chad says:

    How the hell did you find this place? Looks amazing. Def going to stop next time I drive thru the area.

  5. Matthieu says:

    And on top of this, Sam is a great tech! He repaired my faulty microwave, and especially tracked possible replacements for the LCD screen for a while, to finally find one. The microwave now works like a charm! Great service!

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