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So I’ve been slowing building my Eurorack Modular and I’m realizing a few things. First the size of the modules are important to me. I want to get to a Monorocket 104HP Skiff for a first system. With that case I can take my system around to friends studio and convince them they to get into Eurorack too! To do so and get everything I want well I need to watch it. Width and depth matter. The other thing is there is some really unique and interesting modules that modulate stuff and those are fascinating to me. Take a look at the Intellijel µFade linear crossfade or “micro Fade”. I’m not going to try and explain what it does so watch the video above ok? The µFade goes for about $140 USD.

Linear crossfader in 4HP. DC coupled linear crossfader. External cv to control fade position. Special circuitry limits the range of incoming cv so that the xfade boundaries are not exceeded (when summing external plus offset position). Switch to change direction of xfade.”

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  1. A couple things to remember when you use a lot of skinny modules: 1, you are going to probably hit your cases power limits before you fill it up and 2, it can get really really hard to operate the instrument once there are cables patched in all over. My first rig went crazy with the 4hp modules, and I have since grown to appreciate the extravagance of larger face plates. Anything under 6hp can get hard to work with.

    1. Hi Tony. Thanks for your insight. I didn’t even think about power requirements! Most of the smaller 4HP modules I’m looking at are things like ASDRs for example going for the Circuit Abbey one because its smaller rather than the Doepfer… things like that. My idea was to get the Monorocket S3104M Skiff which has the Makenoise DIN power module. I have no idea what the Makenoise DIN power module vs other power options. Here’s what I plan to put in it. Will I be ok with that case?


      Wiard Oscillator
      Pittsburgh Modular ASDR
      Intellijel uVCA
      Intellijel uStep
      Make Noise Echophon
      Toppobrillo Multifilter
      Circuit Abbey ASDR
      Make Noise Photogene
      Doepfer VCLFO
      Blue Lantern LHWF
      Deopfer A-190-2

      I need the Monorocket to be able to power all of those and all the modules must fit the correct depth.

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