Tyme Sefari 2

I’ve fallen in love with my little Eurorack modular system. I’ve also become quickly obsessed with finding out what all the different available modules can do. One module high on my list is the Make Noise Photogene. It’s like a sampler, looper, slicers yet with CV control. Scott Jaeger the crazy man behind the Harvestman modules also has a similar type of module and he’s about to release a new version of it called the Tyme Sefari 2. I’m not sure the exact differences between the Photogene and Tyme Sefari 2 but one or the other is coming my way this year. If you a fan of the movie THX-1138’s constant futuristic gibberish you owe it to yourself to check these modules out.

“Scott Jaeger of Harvestman posted a revised version of the sampling/destruction Tyme Sefari on his social media outlets.” – trashaudio.com

For more info: theharvestman.org and makenoisemusic.com

via trashaudio.com


  1. Well, Make Noise’s Phonogene is of course based on Pierre Shaeffer’s Phonogene:

    The Phonogene works more like a tape machine, where you can have different ‘slices’, which can be very small indeed, more like granular particles.

    The TS is more of a (16 bit) looper/delay based module, although you could use the Phonogene for those uses too (it will just sound grittier).


    1. Thanks for clearing up the difference. Maybe it’s worth getting both!?


  2. This looks REALLY cool. I wonder what the 12/16 bit thing is, maybe the sampling time is longer at lower bit rate? I’d love this, Bonus modes?
    I hope it’s not more than $400, which it probably is lol

    new model tyme sefari – 12/16bit with sliders and tap tempo – memory expandable with bonus modes


    1. I can’t wait to hear this… see some YouTube examples!


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