1979 EMS Synthi E

Here is a very rare 1979 EMS Synthi E that is for sale on eBay. There are a few very beautifully designed synths in this world. In my mind this one takes the number 3 most pretty synth right behind the Minimoog Voyager and Waldorf Wave. What a stunner! If I had $10,000 in disposable income I would quickly click the Buy Now button. So pretty! The videos are not the particular Synthi E on sale.

“For your consideration is this vintage 1979 Electronic Music Studios (EMS) Synthi-E analog synthesizer. Experts have estimated that this incredibly rare synth was produced in limited numbers, in fact, most approximate that less than 200 were manufactured. Of those that have been documented, it is difficult to find a better example, especially such a fine specimen with the original matching DKE keyboard (serial number 7137) and original patch cables. While highly collectible Synthi-A versions are somewhat accessible, the Synthi-E is virtually E-xtinct. Do not miss this opportunity own one of the coolest and rarest synths ever made, because it is possible another will not appear available on eBay for years to come.” – los.angeles.guitar.shop

For the eBay listing: ebay.com/itm/1979-EMS-SYNTHI-E…

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  1. One these was at the Analog Haven New England meetup a couple of years ago. Smaller than I had pictured, and I didn’t really get a chance to muck about with it, but you’re right, it’s totally badass looking.

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