triqtraq for iPhone is a really interesting music creation app. There’s been so many of these that I overlooked this one the week it came out. I finally had a chance to play with it and it’s one of the best of this type. It has some nice things like effect automation and you can bring in your own samples. Besides the videos above there is a full page of video tutorials: click here. I’m going to import some samples on a track I’ve been working for and see how that changes things this weekend. If you like Propellerhead’s Figure definitely try this out. $1.99 available now.

“triqtraq is the ultimate jam sequencer for electronic music producers or DJs who want to make music on the go, or improvise live. While it lets you create great sounding musical ideas with ease, triqtraq offers many surprising musical features that will please even experienced beat creators.” –

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    1. Yeah – I LOVE this app… but would really like some form of realtime audio export. Come to think of it… I’d love to have an app that simply records ANY audio on my iDevice in realtime and allows mt to save and export it. Does this exist?? Hmmmm…

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