Feed – Official Release Promo Video from djgunn on Vimeo.

Here’s another new iPad music app with a wicked interface. This one is called FEED (iTunes link). It’s a sampler/looper. The waveform is circular. You can loop any parts of it. The circle size controls volume. You can scrub and more. $1.99 USD.

“Feed enables complex, rich manipulation of a “live feed” of sound. Record, playback, loop, pitchshift and modulate the live feed in a variety of ways to spontaneously create compositions from musical sources, spoken word or ambient sound.” – theincidental.com

For more info: theincidental.com/projects/thefeed


  1. does anyone know if you can you change the length of the loop record duration? or is it a preset duration?


    1. That I don’t know. You can change the loop length after you record it (2 fingers). I am enjoying the app.. does some nice things with feedback!


      1. sounds good thanks. i want to buy it just cos it’s pretty.


        1. I think I buy half the music iPad apps because they look pretty.


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