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This past weekend I went to Long Beach Island, NJ. The section I went to was called Beach Haven and the beach was Brant Beach. While it’s on the Jersey Shore it’s nothing like television show. It’s mostly quiet and very beautiful. I spoke with the lifeguard and the water was 78F-80F which is very warm for the Atlantic. I’m not sure if it was hurricane Isaac brewing in the south or it was normal but the waves were about 10 feet high. I was on my high school swim team and still swim often and these waves knocked me out of breath. I didn’t listen to any music on the way there or back. I didn’t listen to any music on the beach. No podcasts or news. Sometimes its important to clear your head. I can recommend Beach Haven as a good place to do it. To see the full set of photos: click here

“Beach Haven, known on LBI as the “Queen City,” is a late 19th century beach-front resort originally established in 1873 to house wealthy summer residents from Philadelphia. Although some of the major structures, including several hotels and a boardwalk, were lost to storms in the 1940s, a large portion of the town retains its Victorian and Edwardian character. The Beach Haven Historic District listed in the New Jersey and the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1980s, encompasses the most intact buildings at the core of the resort.” – Wikipedia

For more info:,_New_Jersey

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  1. I spent many summer weeks there with my grandmother – who took my brother and I to go swimming, an amusement park, and many seaside restaurants. Wow… this brings back such sweet memories from my childhood. Digging for sandcrabs as they dug deep into the earth as the waves pulled back into the sea. So much swimming, laughing, sand-castles and smiles. Thank you for sharing this. :)

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