Angels In Jar – Wolfsheim

Put this song Angels in Jar on your cassette deck and drive somewhere fun tonight. Wolfsheim’s Markus Reinhardt and Peter Heppner were from Hamburg, Germany. This cassette was recorded in 1988.

“In January 2009 Heppner and Reinhardt splitted up due to personal differences caused by the solo activities of Heppner. Currently Reinhardt is fighting in court to get the right to continue the project Wolfsheim with a different singer.” – discogs

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4 thoughts on “Angels In Jar – Wolfsheim”

  1. I’ve learned to appreciate the cassette format after getting my first car (which I am still driving) which only has cassette and I’ll be damned if I change it.

    It’s quite sad what happened to the group, such bitterness.

  2. so great. I, too, wish they could just reconcile and work things out. Wolfsheim without Heppner just wouldn’t be Wolfsheim.

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