Delptronics LDB-1 Audio Samples

Here’s a direct recording from the new Delptronics LDB-1 analog drum machine. As you can hear it has a dark sound. The unit itself is in a cheap plastic case and while programming it is very easy I wish it had 16 buttons and LEDs instead of 8. Jumping between two banks of 8 steps while recording is annoying. With Trigger Out, Clock & Gate Input and Midi/Dinsync it’s easy to connect the LDB-1 with pretty much any system. It’s $240. There is also a Eurorack module.

“The LDB-1 has all of the features of a classic analog drum machine in a small, affordable package.” – delptronics

For more info:

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11 Responses to “Delptronics LDB-1 Audio Samples”

  1. Marcus says:

    It actually sounds pretty nice and should serve many different styles.I think nothing beats the Analog sound although there are some great sounding plugs.I noticed that after I switched on my analog synth after years of plug-ins only.And I don’t even have an expensive one…

  2. Mongrand says:

    Can you use it to sync an old Roland with its DinSync, like, say, a MC 202 ? I’m a bit tired of using a channel in Ableton to send a click signal to sync mine …

  3. Hollywood says:

    Looks like it’s lacking in control to me? One of the reasons I keep going back to hardware is real-time latency-free manipulation possibilities, for me I suppose it’s the change in the sound over time rather than the sound itself… I’m still hankering after the Fricke MFB 522!

  4. digitalbeatsyndrome says:

    This sounds insane!!! Paia has released some DIY electronic drum kits over the years… they sound good but not as chunky as this…

  5. digitalbeatsyndrome says:

    Here’s another modern table top drum machine making the rounds that is going under the radar.

  6. sgtsawtooth says:

    Just picked mine up from Analogue Haven. Can’t wait!

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