Delptronics LDB-1 Audio Samples

Here’s a direct recording from the new Delptronics LDB-1 analog drum machine. As you can hear it has a dark sound. The unit itself is in a cheap plastic case and while programming it is very easy I wish it had 16 buttons and LEDs instead of 8. Jumping between two banks of 8 steps while recording is annoying. With Trigger Out, Clock & Gate Input and Midi/Dinsync it’s easy to connect the LDB-1 with pretty much any system. It’s $240. There is also a Eurorack module.

“The LDB-1 has all of the features of a classic analog drum machine in a small, affordable package.” – delptronics

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11 thoughts on “Delptronics LDB-1 Audio Samples”

  1. It actually sounds pretty nice and should serve many different styles.I think nothing beats the Analog sound although there are some great sounding plugs.I noticed that after I switched on my analog synth after years of plug-ins only.And I don’t even have an expensive one…

  2. Can you use it to sync an old Roland with its DinSync, like, say, a MC 202 ? I’m a bit tired of using a channel in Ableton to send a click signal to sync mine …

  3. Looks like it’s lacking in control to me? One of the reasons I keep going back to hardware is real-time latency-free manipulation possibilities, for me I suppose it’s the change in the sound over time rather than the sound itself… I’m still hankering after the Fricke MFB 522!

  4. This sounds insane!!! Paia has released some DIY electronic drum kits over the years… they sound good but not as chunky as this…

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