Electronic Cash Kings

There’s no reason to be jealous because money doesn’t make a person happy. There’s a lot of proof to that but let’s all agree Pauly D’s take is a bit unsettling. I’ve never seen any of these DJs live or even listened to their sets somewhere so I also can’t really scream out any true reviews. Here’s what Forbes says these guys earned last year: Tiësto – $22 million, Skrillex – $15 million, Swedish House Mafia – $14 million, David Guetta – $13.5 million, Steve Aoki – $12 million, Deadmau5 – $11.5 million, DJ Pauly D – $11 million, Kaskade – $10 million, Afrojack – $9 million and Avicii – $7 million. Keep in mind these are artists making money. That’s an excellent thing.

“Every so often, the tectonic plates of mainstream musical taste shift. In the 1960s, there was the British Invasion, followed by disco in the 1970s and the rise of glam metal in the 1980s. The 1990s saw the advent of grunge and the resurgence of boy bands, followed by hip-hop’s hegemony in the 2000s. Now, the tables are turning again.” – forbes.com

For more info: forbes.com/the-worlds-highest-paid-djs

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  1. Most of Pauly D’s income comes from the tv deal with MTV…not from gigs.


  2. Zlatko Feren?ak via Facebook August 3, 2012 at 6:16 am

    and none of them have a single track that is worth of clicking play button :)


  3. Be glad you haven’t heard any of the sets by these guys..


  4. “now the tables are turning…” – did this come from the Daily news or something?


  5. seems like Aoki can combine eight-digit income with guest vocals on anti-capitalistic 909-driven Atari Teenage Riot stuff and having them signed on his ultra-trendy Dim Mak Rec



  6. Cheese sells and cheesheads are buying. More cheese whiz please!


  7. Say what you like about the guy, but I worked the Skrillex show @ Red Rocks in Colorado (im a tech/stagemanager/problem solver), and it was nuts.

    I wouldn’t sit around listening to his records by any means, but the show was awe inspiring. It wasn’t the CDJ skills, it was the production (LED WALL! PYRO! CRYO!) and the sheer amount of energy coming from the sold out crowd.

    as someone who makes melancholy atmospheric IDM, it was a drastic difference from say, one of MY shows… my audiences are largely chin scratchers or people who zone out on the visuals….


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