Musaico is now Universal on iOS. I haven’t yet tried this one but it does look like an interesting sketch pad. I think this App like a few others like it really rely on you prepping a few great samples in your own style to get the most out of them. Let me know if you have used this one. $3.99 USD.

“Musaico re-imagines the musician’s early creative process. Designed and optimized for the iPad, the interface enables artists to immediately capture ideas. Record, loop, layer, and remix sounds in real time, from layering guitar parts to looping rap beats. Pick it up and learn to make a quick sketch in a matter of minutes.” –

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I missed Soundbeam when it came out a few months ago. It’s a visual spectrum and waveform analyzer for iOS. I’m not sure about the license attached to recording it’s video output but I think this would be cool to use in a promo music video (update: in a Tweet the developer said it’s ok to use Soundbeam’s visuals in your own videos as long as you send them a link to what you created).

“Soundbeam is an audio analyzer that processes the input of your microphone in real time displaying it like a classic oscilloscope.” –

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Jerry Garcia Interview 1978

There is a new Grateful Dead archive online from the University of California Santa Cruz. It’s a large collection of over 45,000 “digital artifacts”. My father was a fan of the Dead and whenever I hear Fire on the Mountain or Casey Jones it takes me back. Be sure to check out the collection: click here. Here is an interview from 1978. Jerry and the band were arrested…

“… and there we are you know. We’ve been snapped.” – Jerry Garcia

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ohGr – 101

A friend told me I had to hear Skinny Puppy’s ohGr’s last album unDeveloped (2011). After the incredible early SP early stuff I lost interest. What I mean is after a string of great stuff I kept buying their music and a zillion side projects but they were mostly eh a waste of money. As per the recent recommendation I just started to listen to the album and the song 101 is well good. It’s also worth noting he’s one artist worth following on Facebook posting some fun and interesting stuff. Call me suprised whenever an artist from the past wakes up again. The song 101 particularly has me because it “seems” highly autobiographical. Yeah I’m a year late on this but good music is good whenever. Add this to the small and definitely separate from European EBM cannon of Industrial Music.

“Every saying has its day. Every plaything goes away” – ohGr

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Arturia Minibrute Video Review

Nick from Sonic State got his hands on one of the first shipping Arturia Minibrutes. One thing is for sure is that this is the best sounding Arturia product. I think it sounds closest to the oldest Roland and Yamaha analog synths. It does have a great bass but it’s not a Moog bass (which is good for a change). It has full MIDI and CV for connecting to analog sequencers (Hallelujah!!). For $500 the only reason a synth lover shouldn’t get one is if you’re already sitting in a room of synths.

“Currently rare as Dodo eggs, the Minibrute is Arturia’s first forray into analog synths proper – we test and enjoy” –

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