Vyclone is a new iOS app that let’s multiple phones shoot video then the the app automatically combines the different shots. I can’t help but think how great this would be for shooting live music performances. It’s Free.

“Vyclone is fun as heck to use. And the technology is super exciting to think of its uses in other, larger networks.” – All Things Digital

For more info: vyclone.com

Rastko Lazic

I imagine if something like the Maxtrix is real music like that of Rastko Lazic would be playing in the server rooms of our masters. These are some pretty sounding and looking modular synth videos.

“Rastko Lazic (born 1970 in Belgrade, Serbia) is a composer and improviser of electronic music based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been composing music for contemporary dance, theatre and television since 1996. As a member of the `Recoil Performance Group` (Denmark) he toured the Middle East and Europe.”

For more info: rastko.info and soundcloud.com/rastko

Soundmachines Modular

Beginning this October eight new Eurorack modules will be released by Davide Mancini’s company Soundmachines. Davide is a long time reader of Wire to the Ear and I’m finally embarking on my own Eurorack system so I though it appropriate to share a photo of one of his prototype modules plus some info. The module above is called the RB1-robotto, “a singing module based on Babblebot IC” (see the above video for some Babblebot audio). I am very much into speech synthesizers and I may hold off on a Flame Talking synth module to see what the final RB1 can do! Soundmachines is based in Fabriano, Italy.

“I started a division inside of my company to produce modules and more. The product family is bound to be rich and basically I already designed 8 modules… We are going to use brushed (oleophobic) stainless steel, is good to cut with laser and it’s a material that is not yet used. – Davide Mancini

Read a long thread introducing Soundmachines on the Muffwiggler forum: click here

Depeche Mode – Tainted Love

My favorite eCard! I recently purchased an Electro Harmonix Crash Drum which you hear in the intro of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love.

“The band’s record label chose to release “Tainted Love” on July 7, 1981 as Soft Cell’s second single (their first was “Memorabilia”, which did not chart). The label implied that this single would be Soft Cell’s final release if the single did not sell.” – Wikipedia

For more info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tainted_Love

TR-808 Flash Drive

We have seen TR-808 keychains before but now we have here a Roland TR-808 keychain that’s a 16GB flash drive (link). If you really want to impress a someone give them your music on one of these. Please note: The designer of this flash drive offered to send me one so consider this a sponsored post.

“Based on the legendary Roland TR-808 Drum Machine, the TR-808 flash drive does a brilliant job of recreating the most legendary vintage drum machine/synthesizer ever created. The TR-808?s signature synthesized drum sounds can be heard in nearly every genre of music, from Electronic to Country. The TR-808 played a crucial role in shaping many sub-genres of hip hop including bass and southern/dirty south hip hop beats. Hip Hop heads, Electro Heads, Synth Freaks, and more will all appreciate the detail put into this novelty 16GB USB Flash Drive.” – hiphopdrumsamples.com

Buy one now: hiphopdrumsamples.com/products/16gb-tr-808…

Make Noise – DPO

Here is a preview of the upcoming Eurorack modular module the DPO or Dual Prismatic Oscillator from Make Noise. The company from Asheville, NC is on a serious roll making one wild module after the next. I ordered a Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit from Analogue Haven and a Make Noise Echophone from Control last week.

“A voltage controlled oscillator designed for generating complex waveforms. Expanding on the classic 259 arrangement of Primary and Modulator Oscillators, the DPO has both of the VCOs operable as complex signal sources. It is in essence a Dual Primary Oscillator.” – Make Noise

For more info: makenoisemusic.com/dpo.shtml

Containerfest Rotterdam

I (The Horrorist) will be performing at Containerfest in Rotterdam this weekend, Saturday July 21. It’s a large techno event. I’m on the main stage with Juan Akins, Luke Slater, Model 500, DJ Sneak and many others. In fact there are a huge amount of performances and art on display so check the website for full details. Rotterdam is a huge port in The Netherlands and they have created stages out of shipping containers. I’m very excited to be playing this outdoor festival!

“ContainerFest 0.1. On the 21st of July 2012 from 12:00h till 23:00h the first edition of ContainerFest will be organized in the Schiehaven of Rotterdam. ContainerFest0.1 is a new, multidisciplinary festival with different styles of progressive electronic music styles, industrial designs, cool performance art, visuals and art and light installations. This year you will be spoiled with two big area’s filled with big (inter)national headliners. On top of this twelve of Rotterdam’s finest music organisations will combine their forces in six dance area’s: Blendits & Classified, Redrum/Deformer & Social Disturbance, Strange Fruit & Triphouse Rotterdam, Maatschappij voor Volksgeluk & Moustache Records, Lowriders & Doublecross and Strictly Techno & Rotterdam Ondergrondstalent.”

For more info: containerfest.nl

Trust – Bulbform

This song Bulbform by Toronto based band Trust is pretty cool. I like the vocal melody and the synth lines that follow it. The junoesque pad at the intro and break surely peaked my interest.

“Trust were formed in Toronto by Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski in 2009, and their dark, sexy music fuses spooky witch house atmospheres and four-on-the-floor techno beats. In 2011, Sacred Bones released the duo’s first two 7” singles, “Candy Walls” and “Bulbform.” – Tunes Biography

Buy on iTunes: click here

Cavaliers – Mansfield TYA

I really love this song Cavaliers (iTunes) by Mansfield TYA. Julia Lanoë and Carla Pallone formed the band in Nantes, France in 2002. I translated the lyrics and was pleasantly surprised this is quite dark.

“J’ai peur de dormir, j’ai peur du réveil. Je voudrais mourir pendant mon sommeil. Je me sens très lâche et j’ai peur de demain. Tant que j’aime la nuit mais j’ai peur du matin”

For more info: fr.wikipedia.org/Mansfield.TYA