Drum Machine History

Here’s a nice video history of Roland drum machines with the narrator Robbie Ryan beat boxing examples and then playing audio samples from actual songs.

“This is a documentary celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the Roland TR909. In this documentary, narrated by Robbie Ryan, we traverse the history of the programmable drum machine from the CR78, TR808, TB303, TR909, and LinnDrum, with audio examples of each.” – iloveanalogue.blogspot.com

via synthtopia

photo credit: matrixsynth


  1. Thanks for sharing.There wasnt a single one of those I wouldnt like to have.Interesting to see who took them for production outside of “Techno”.I’d love to own an 808 but thats way out of my money range.Incredible at what prices those machines still go today.


    1. The MFB-522 is a nice cheap alternative and I’ve heard the Acidlab Miami is good too.


  2. I’ve just watched a video of Acidlabs Miami and I must say its goes off nicely.Thats one I would concider since its a bit bigger which spaces the buttons and knobs a bit more apart each other.They seem to have something Modular coming soon too which I could take from their site…nice…Thanks for the tip.


  3. tr 909 clone of the hard techno jomox xbase 09 basis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5vCLC8-OCI
    I will then make my tr 909 clone. It’s simply a good drum machines everywhere!


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