Ableton Live Auto Sidechain Plugin

There are a few ways to very easily get sidechaining going in Ableton Live. Sidechaining triggers a compressor on the master bus or channel using a kick from a different channel. This causes a pumping effect ala Daft Punk. Used subtlety it can make sure the sharp transients of you kick always sit above the mix by itself. Live’s built in Compressor has sidechaining and you can also simulate the effect using Autopan. The Point Blank Music School has a nice free Max For Live drag and drop device available to download: click here. If you have Max For Live why not grab it? Take a look at the video above for the demo.

“Point Blank instructor and course developer Daniel Herbert has created this Max For Live custom auto sidechain plugin for use in Ableton Live. Watch the video to see how it works, what makes it unique and and how to set it up.” – pointblankonline

For more info:


  1. Particularly useful when you want to freeze a track but a sidechain from another channel prevents it…


    1. Ah yes good point! Didn’t think of that.


  2. Seems like a nice Sidechain….A pity though one has to be a Facebook member which doesnt really make it “free”…


    1. Yeah a few people have complained about that sorry I should have mentioned it. I’ve given in a long time ago to the “like” parade.


  3. Why bother with this when you can use Abletons built in AutoPan to do an automatic sidechain effect?
    Start with Amount=100, Rate=1/4, Phase=0, Shape=50%, Invert, Sync (not Hertz), Offest=0, Sawtooth


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