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I’m back from Rotterdam and as you can see from the photos I had a great time. I met Juan Atkins, re-connected with Mathis (Panacea) and screamed into the open air. Mathis was a bit late setting up his gear so I ended up performing one of my longest sets ever. As more an more time when on and Panacea wasn’t quite ready the only material I had left to play live was really songy slow stuff. To my amazement the crowd really loved it. It goes to show you sometimes you have no idea what’s going to work. The stage was built in sections and the section leading to the audience was about seven feet up. As I do in smaller club I really love going out and getting to the crowd. I had to jump up and down off the stage many times. My legs are totally black and blue. This happens so often I’m considering some sort of shin guard sports equipment the next time I perform. Be sure to look at the full set of photos (link) to see some of the art and mobile performance pieces that were on display. It’s fairly certain that Containerfest will now be a regular annual event. I am please to be noted in history as performing the first one. Toward the end of my set the sun went down and I have to say I felt pretty lucky to be standing up there.

“ContainerFest 0.1. On the 21st of July 2012 from 12:00h till 23:00h the first edition of ContainerFest…Schiehaven of Rotterdam. ContainerFest0.1 is a new, multidisciplinary festival with different styles of progressive electronic music styles, industrial designs, cool performance art, visuals and art and light installations. This year you will be spoiled with two big area’s filled with big (inter)national headliners.” –

To see the full set of photos: click here

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4 thoughts on “Photos from Containerfest”

  1. Seems like you had a great time.
    A shame I had to miss it. :(

    Cool art btw!
    Reminds me of something I had in mind a little while ago: you should add some awesome poster(s) to your merch @Thingstocome!

    1. Visual art and music really do belong together so I agree 100%. I will be playing Rotterdam again within the next 12 months… working on the details now. So… next time!

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