Ableton Pack: Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle

I’ve become internet friends with Brian “AfroDJmac”. In passing I mentioned a possible idea for one of his incredible free Ableton Live packs. Basically I love cassette tape hiss. I suggested that if he access to some old tapes I would certainly like a “pack of hiss”. Well a week later and viola Brian surprised me with this nice gift: Free Ableton Pack #60: Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle! Watch the video above because this isn’t just some samples. Brian has spent time making things work properly and also added vinyl crackle. Eat that Slate Digital!

“An Ableton Live Instrument Rack that turns any synth you have into a synth that sounds like it came from tape or record!” –

Download the free pack now:…


  1. Miro Pajic via Facebook July 19, 2012 at 10:15 am

    lol, he thanks you at the end!


  2. Miro Pajic He’s nice guy you would like him.


  3. his racks are really well done


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