Soundmachines Modular

Beginning this October eight new Eurorack modules will be released by Davide Mancini’s company Soundmachines. Davide is a long time reader of Wire to the Ear and I’m finally embarking on my own Eurorack system so I though it appropriate to share a photo of one of his prototype modules plus some info. The module above is called the RB1-robotto, “a singing module based on Babblebot IC” (see the above video for some Babblebot audio). I am very much into speech synthesizers and I may hold off on a Flame Talking synth module to see what the final RB1 can do! Soundmachines is based in Fabriano, Italy.

“I started a division inside of my company to produce modules and more. The product family is bound to be rich and basically I already designed 8 modules… We are going to use brushed (oleophobic) stainless steel, is good to cut with laser and it’s a material that is not yet used. – Davide Mancini

Read a long thread introducing Soundmachines on the Muffwiggler forum: click here

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  1. Here is the module in action:


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