TR-808 Flash Drive

We have seen TR-808 keychains before but now we have here a Roland TR-808 keychain that’s a 16GB flash drive (link). If you really want to impress a someone give them your music on one of these. Please note: The designer of this flash drive offered to send me one so consider this a sponsored post.

“Based on the legendary Roland TR-808 Drum Machine, the TR-808 flash drive does a brilliant job of recreating the most legendary vintage drum machine/synthesizer ever created. The TR-808?s signature synthesized drum sounds can be heard in nearly every genre of music, from Electronic to Country. The TR-808 played a crucial role in shaping many sub-genres of hip hop including bass and southern/dirty south hip hop beats. Hip Hop heads, Electro Heads, Synth Freaks, and more will all appreciate the detail put into this novelty 16GB USB Flash Drive.” –

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2 thoughts on “TR-808 Flash Drive”

  1. safer for you to send these with your tracks on it to the audience rather than your TTC vynils!!! Wondering how many people reported injuries after being hit by one of the “these are the things from things to come…” 15 years ago i saw you at a Guy l’eclair party in France throwing a record so far that i think a sound/light technician caught it at the opposite of the room. Was kind of high myself that night so may be it was a optical illusion… but those things were kind of aerodynamics werent they ?

    1. Guy l’eclair! That was a looong time ago! So yes unfortunately I have injured a lot of people throwing things off stage. It’s always an accident of course but I was once dancing with lit road flare and a piece of fire shot off into a girls fur coat. Another time a glow stick almost broke someone’s nose. Corners of records hit eyes and rock pins have stabbed hands. I like to give things away but I need to be more careful.

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