Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit

Most people believe it’s very expensive to get into modular synthesis. The Eurorack format has really taken off and there are actually many affordable modules and as seen here even racks. There are also now Eurorack modules that are unique to the format. Modules like the new Make Noise Echophone and Flame Talking Synth just blow me away. Consider this option: Instead of getting the MF-104M Analog Delay for $680 grab a Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit ($149) and an Echophone ($399) for $550 and have something in my opinion more interesting and expandable.

“Tip Top Audio has now given people no excuse to dive into the modular world. At an incredible price tag of $149, a full 3U row of space and the best power the modular world has to offer – this is absolutely the cheapest way of getting a professional brand name rack.” – Trash Audio

For more info: tiptopaudio.com

photo credits: Trash Audio and Richard Devine

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13 thoughts on “Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit”

  1. Most people aren’t into DIY. The TTA Happy Ending Kit is the cheapest way to get a case and power. If you’re good with wood working, you can make your own case, and buy their uZeus power module and floating power ribbon. Or something like the Flight of Harmony “Power” module and their bus boards. But $150 for a way to house and power your modules is def cheap.

  2. I want to use the TipTop Z-rails and Z-ears to make a cheap 6U or 9U DIY case, but where can I find an inexpensive shallow 6U/9U case with tapped rails for mounting the Z-stuff?

  3. Can anyone recommend a good site for beginners in modular, I would like to know what to go for module wise when starting out – and a great post Oliver, youve piqued my interest, I would like to hear more on your modular adventures for sure

  4. There is a very small german boutique company, called Acidlab (yes the same who does the Miami (808 clone)) who are also selling a 3HE Case and a power module (but not with a flying board) for around 150 Euro. http://www.acidlab.de

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