Arturia Minibrute Video Review

Nick from Sonic State got his hands on one of the first shipping Arturia Minibrutes. One thing is for sure is that this is the best sounding Arturia product. I think it sounds closest to the oldest Roland and Yamaha analog synths. It does have a great bass but it’s not a Moog bass (which is good for a change). It has full MIDI and CV for connecting to analog sequencers (Hallelujah!!). For $500 the only reason a synth lover shouldn’t get one is if you’re already sitting in a room of synths.

“Currently rare as Dodo eggs, the Minibrute is Arturia’s first forray into analog synths proper – we test and enjoy” –

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  1. Hi

    The synth should be good. It has been designed by yusynth (


    1. Considering his idea of a good sounding synth is the one he heard on a Clockwork Orange how can this synth be bad?


  2. instrument.

    i would love its sound, but no presets is hard to swallow.


    1. I just record the audio once I have something I like. But I like to finish one song at a time… I can see no presets being an issue if your the type to work on 3-4 songs at once and want to use the synth for all of them,


  3. I like the Sound it produces,especially in the low end.


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