Test Still

When I was in Berlin I shot a music video. The director sent me the above still frame. It’s in very early post production so the final video may look quite different. I’m excited so I want to share it of course. The song is special for a few reasons. Lyrically it touches on some of my deepest not so secrets. From a production stand point you will really like it I think as it’s a fully analog affair. The song was sequenced using a Doepfer Dark Time. The Dark Time itself was synced using a 5v click from a MFB-522 drum machine (a kind of TR-808 clone). The main EBM synth line is an Analog Solutions Telemark. You can hear a clip of the song starting at 3:56 in the video here: The Horrorist 2012 Preview. This will be the 2nd single off my next album Fire Funmania. The single and video will be released in August with remixes by David Carretta, Millimetric and Dupont.

“Feed me poison. I vomit blood. I kiss your feet. Show me the boss.”

For more info: thehorrorist.com

Jomox Moonwind Videos

I’ve been waiting to see a bit more of what the Jomox Moonwind can do and this week Jurgen has posted three new videos. This is the kind of interesting (and expensive) boutique gear you can really love. I think it’s really great he designs and makes this stuff himself.

“Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker is a true analog stereo filter with built-in step sequencer, a fantastic sounding digital FX chip, 2 LFOs and envelope modulation. Everything is storable and controllable via Midi.” – Jomox

For more info: jomox.de/…product_id=15


Beginning to test the Livefyre commenting system on this blog. Spam has become unbearable and more importantly Livefyre will take conversations about posts here on Facebook and Twitter and copy them here. It may take a few days to get the glitches smoothed out. Older comments are being imported slowly. Thank you for your patience.

“For the first time ever, bring the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter directly to your content, where it belongs. Make your site the hub of community activity.” – livefyre.com

For more info: livefyre.com

MIDI-Controlled Analog Feedback In Ableton Live

I use feedback often in my own productions. In fact the “bat” sounds you here on TTC-001’s track Dark Invader is me holding an SM58 microphone in front of a speaker, sampled and reversed (2.21 in the SoundCloud clip above). The DJ Techtools video shows a hot tip on how to get it all going in Ableton Live with a distortion pedal.

“When sitting in front of a DAW with limitless software possibilities, it can be easy to forget that some of the coolest sounds and effects you can make can come from external effects processors. In today’s video, Mad Zach takes us through one of his favorite hardware wirings, an external distortion pedal setup. ” – djtechtools.com

For more info: djtechtools.com/2012/05/27/create-rockstar-style…

AudioThing Milkshake

Being a Einstürzende Neubauten fan I’m addicted to sound libraries featuring everyday real objects. Milkshake for Kontakt is a cute addition and for $5 is about the cost of the real thing.

“Have you ever wondered how a milkshake would sound like, if you could sample it? Now you can, with the new AudioThing instrument MilkShake! MilkShake lets you mix three basic ingredients, shake them, filter them and serve them with a nice matrix of effects ready to use. Everything at your fingertips inside a custom performance view. Milk and Sugar samples were carefully recorded using classic kitchen supplies. The Juice samples were, instead, narrowly sampled from a juicy Waldorf microQ sound designed patch. MilkShake it’s perfect for pads, tuned synth-percussions, textures, evolving effects, noises, and so on.” – audiothing.net

For more info: audiothing.net/instruments/milkshake

via rekkerd

One Morning in Golden Gate

Music. It’s everything to me. It’s very complicated and simple at the same time. Some songs have lyrics and the few minutes they play their story shows itself. Often I relate or even think the story was written specifically for me. Techno however relies on the experience. It’s why some people can’t understand the obsession. Last week in Berlin a few close friends and I went to Golden Gate. It’s a very small club that gets going usually in the morning hours. Although I played four live shows on my recent trip; like after a long day at the beach it’s the sounds from Golden Gate they have me still swaying, pining, wanting to be there on the dance floor again. If you were to hear any single song the DJ played that night on it’s own, say at work at your desk, or driving to the convient store you may appreciate the production or like it but unless you can reference it to a night out like I had your missing the point completely. I stood there somewhat knowing I’m at the peak of my existence. Successful, skinny and with no guilt I watched terrifically beautiful people from Italy, Spain and Germany dance. Like a movement chameleon I picked up the Berlin sashay and joined in. Song after song just got me. Each one clearer than the last. Each one a better bass than the last, a better hook than the last… it just kept on going. When I left in the early afternoon those sweet Berlin birds were singing and the taxi driver told me his story as his smooth Mercedes took me to my rental apartment. Berlin is so beautiful. The trees make incredible shadows on the streets.

“Nestled beneath the Jannowitzbrücke train stop, Golden Gate is one of Berlin’s grittiest clubs. The interior is small, dark and mostly free of decoration. It’s known for having exceptionally long operating hours, even for Berlin—most weeks there’s one party on Thursday night that finishes on Friday afternoon, then a second one that starts on Friday at midnight and lasts until Monday morning. The club consists of one main dance floor, a small sitting area, a bathroom section upstairs and a small garden in the summer.” – RA

For more info: goldengate-berlin.de

Sugar Bytes Cyclop

I love all the plug-ins Berlin based Sugar-Bytes produces. Even though their new software Cyclop is aimed at the dubstep crowd don’t let that deter you. In fact, tools created for one thing used for another often makes a lot of sense. A FX Sequencer, 10 filters, 6 synth engines, Routing Mod and more in an easy to use thing should make any electronic music producer smile. I’m going to buy this tonight. $139 USD.

“And with it comes bass — lots of it. Synthesis in its purest form. Spectral, digital, or fat analog. Use your own samples as a wavetable, throw effect sequencer orgies, drop on filters and make wobble basses never heard before.” – sugar-bytes.de

For more info: sugar-bytes.de/content/products/cyclop


If you would have told me once I landed in Europe for this trip I wouldn’t have one single minute to myself to post to you I wouldn’t have believed it. These past 10 days were so full, unexpected and fun I had to leave my readers to other things on the internet. I’ve never screamed, sweated or traveled so much in my life. Posts will resume Tuesday and I have a lot of photos, music and stories to share. See you then!