Photos from the Control Voltage Faire

I had a great time at the Control Voltage Fair at the South Street Seaport yesterday. It was good to see that there are now 4 stores in the NYC area selling modular synthesizers! I spent the most time with Karl Ekdahl and his new Polygamist synth. I own his Moisterizer spring reverb unit and the new synth is wonderful. It’s also one of the coolest looking pieces of hardware I’ve ever seen. Mark Verbos had his car size vintage Buchla system there and did an hour live performance (eat that Deadmau5!). A good time and I hope these type of events keep happening because you really need hands on time with the modules to decide which ones you want in your own rack. You can see the full set of photos if you: click here

“The analog modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate specialized modules connected by wires (patch cords) to create a so-called patch. There are three basic kinds of modules: source, processor and logic. The basic modular functions are as: signal, control, logic/timing. Outputs are an electric voltage.” – Wikipedia

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8 thoughts on “Photos from the Control Voltage Faire”

    1. Hi Dominic. Yes I did… in fact there a few photos on the flickr feed showing me using it. It was pretty loud there so I couldn’t do any critical listening. A few things stood out to me: It’s smaller than you think, the knobs are not as metal as you may think, the oscillator is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

    1. Ah smart man! I was wondering if someone would pick up on that. There is a 4th but it hasn’t been announced yet. I will be helping them make a few review videos so I know it’s coming soon! Stay tuned.

  1. Saw my friend, Charles Cohen, perform at an auxiliary portion of this – but couldn’t make it to main one due to work. This looked super-fun! Next time. You should hear Charles… he’s incredible.

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