Paris Hilton Sparkles

Here’s Paris Hilton’s DJ premier. Just think… those sparkles on her dress are probably real diamonds. Random thoughts: “End of Days.” “Actually way more entertaining than some of the DJs I saw this weekend.” “Jesus WTF”.

“Paris Hilton World Premiere As A DJ.” –

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16 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Sparkles”

  1. I think we need something like this to happen so we get a new generation or revolution of DJ/Electronic Music artist.

  2. I’m just going to avoid comment on the music.

    and comment that the set and pyro crew need to take some lessons from MoH

  3. She’s not any more or less talented than any other ass clown DJ which includes every DJ ever. To be paid homage to while you hit play on a CD player or laptop and bob your head for 5 hours is beyond me. This is the worst form of plagiarism and misdirected praise ever in the art and entertainment world. It’s like waving a paintbrush around near a painting that you didn’t paint and then taking the credit for it.

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