My brother sent me an email saying, “You see this yet? sick!”. He’s right… Werkbench by Karl Scholz is a cool iPad music app for sure. $7 USD.

“WerkBench is a one-of-a-kind of beatbox that is part loop pedal, part drum machine, and 100% beat-making magic. You will be making original beats and rhythms in seconds.” – Karl Scholz

For more info: bolasol.com/werkbench

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Oliver Chesler

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3 thoughts on “Werkbench”

  1. This is really an ingenious idea… simple, but super handy and you are sure to come up with something new…

  2. I found it to be a blast, picked it up sunday night, really good way to make a library of inspirational percussion loops when there’s nothing else going on.

  3. What looks great about this is the ability to alter large amounts of parameters & individual sounds in real-time – which could be wonderful for live performance. I’ll definitely take a closer look at this. Thanks! -ant

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