Photos from The Horrorist Live Berlin 2012

I finally had time to start going through the large amounts of photos and videos I took during my recent week in Berlin (and 4 shows). Here is the first set of photos from the live show in Berlin. The show was at Raum 20 in the Neukölln section of the city. The party was the 2 Year Anniversary of an event called Sabbat thrown by Petra Flurr. This event turned out to be one of my most favorite shows I ever played! I met a lot of very interesting people. A near perfect evening.

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  1. I’ve heard too many awesome things about Berlin from too many people and it’s time I take a look myself. Looks like I might be able to go in September. I’m too old for 48-hour parties but I still hope to get a taste of the vibe of the place.

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