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A few months ago DJ Shred (Lisa) invited me to a Depeche Mode party called Home. It’s a regular thing they do at the Sullivan room in Manhattan. It’s been a while since I did a proper flashback night out so last night I was there. I invited Chris Hardwick who was also in the Depeche Mode 101 movie to join and he did. To my surprise the place was fairly packed. As programmed I danced to every song that came out before “Songs of Faith & Devotion” and shunned and complained whenever they played anything newer (which thankfully was not too often). It was nice to be around real DM fans as I still am a superfan myself. The photos above: The flyer for the event, DJ Shred, Miro & Chris Hardwick, DM fans at the Sullivan Room and my mohawked self (Oliver Chesler), Mia Demarco and Chris Hardwick hanging out with Andy Fletcher at the Rosebowl California 1988.

“We are happy to invite you to our next Depeche Mode party back home at Sullivan Room on Friday June 15th. Starting at 10pm with an hour long special video presentation by VJ Johnny_Blitz concentrating more on the ballads of Depeche Mode and featuring the rarely played, down tempo & classic DM music videos and live concert performances, aesthetically altered especially for this event. Following the presentation, DJ Shred and DJ Shunt spin Depeche Mode tracks spiced up with New Wave and Synthpop hits all through the night.” – Depeche Mode Fanclub New York

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  1. Oliver, glad you had a good time, it was great to have you and Christopher there! If I had my way – and I mean my own way – I would play Depeche Mode from 1981 to 1988 all night long! But that’s me. I have to respect the fans who come who want to hear a combination of everything, especially the younger fans. I’ve heard complaints before that there was “too much 80s stuff” being played – perhaps by me….anyway it was a great night, and it’s about getting the balance right ;-)

    1. Your a great DJ and thew a nice party not to worry! When it comes to DM I certainly live in the past to a fault. Let me know if there are other things going on… even non-DM related and I will gladly come around.

      1. Of course, Alan Wilder’s touch is greatly missed. I prefer to hear songs like “Now This is Fun” and “If You Want” – I always wish Dm would do a synth-only special show, no guitar, no drums…..I prefer their older stuff too.

        1. Yeah it’s crazy actually… if they had a producer that would force them to use only older equipment… drum machines, etc… it would be incredible… you never know what could happen!

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