Test Still

When I was in Berlin I shot a music video. The director sent me the above still frame. It’s in very early post production so the final video may look quite different. I’m excited so I want to share it of course. The song is special for a few reasons. Lyrically it touches on some of my deepest not so secrets. From a production stand point you will really like it I think as it’s a fully analog affair. The song was sequenced using a Doepfer Dark Time. The Dark Time itself was synced using a 5v click from a MFB-522 drum machine (a kind of TR-808 clone). The main EBM synth line is an Analog Solutions Telemark. You can hear a clip of the song starting at 3:56 in the video here: The Horrorist 2012 Preview. This will be the 2nd single off my next album Fire Funmania. The single and video will be released in August with remixes by David Carretta, Millimetric and Dupont.

“Feed me poison. I vomit blood. I kiss your feet. Show me the boss.”

For more info: thehorrorist.com


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  4. Hah great… Check wiretotheear.com under this post.. All your comments there too… Thanks for helping with the test.


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