Beginning to test the Livefyre commenting system on this blog. Spam has become unbearable and more importantly Livefyre will take conversations about posts here on Facebook and Twitter and copy them here. It may take a few days to get the glitches smoothed out. Older comments are being imported slowly. Thank you for your patience.

“For the first time ever, bring the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter directly to your content, where it belongs. Make your site the hub of community activity.” –

For more info:


  1. Well for now I had to disable to the Livefyre commenting system. It had issues on the backend (never finished importing old comments, dashboard issues). It was also a bit ugly. I think I will try the just announced Facebook comments for WordPress and a Twitter plug-in.


  2. I had *just* been wondering about the quantity of comments, considering the quality of your posts… Cheers for a great blog, I check in every day!


    1. Thanks… the backend of this blog has been having a lot of issues with spam making it impossible for me to find the non-spam stuff and get it posted. In addition a lot of comments are happening on Facebook, etc… Livefyre didnt work out so I’m not working with someone who is helping with the spam issue and fixing what’s happening with Akismet. In addition, I will try the just newly released Facebook for WordPress plug-in.


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