David Guetta Dj Tribute Act

Here’s a funny story going around. Apparently there is a David Guetta “Dj tribute act”. Loudat severely hates the idea. I think we are in a free world and if someone has the balls to try this and people want to see it why not.

“Well this is new. A tribute DJ. I’ll say that again: A tribute DJ.As in: a nobody who is pretending to be a Famous Disc Jockey, advertising himself as such and actually getting booked.” Loudat

Read the full story: loudat.com/david-guetta-dj-tribute-act-i-shit-you-not

via Dave Lane


  1. Miguel Marcos May 19, 2012 at 7:36 am

    > I think we are in a free world and if someone has the balls to
    > try this and people want to see it why not.

    Completely agree. BTW, he’s not “advertising himself as such”. The poster says “Doble de David Guetta”. Doble is normally double in Spanish but in this case means imitator. He’s being that he’s an imitator.


    1. Actually I think it would be cool if someone was out there as a tribute band to me… unless they start getting bookings instead of me!


  2. ok im done with this blog.


    1. Sorry I don’ want to make a comment like that without explaining my point. This guy, David Guetta is just an asshole making shitty comercial music. Ok I know everybody can do whatever he wants, but that doesn’t mean he has my respect for that. Even worst, you know as well as me he’s the kind of guy that gets his tracks from producers and then sign them, usually in a collaboration with the “coolest” rapper of the moment. He’s just a plain product.
      Now, you’re approving the attitude of a guy whose only merit is to fool people making them think he’s the real one. A product copying a product. Don’t we have enough of this circus?

      You are not doing underground music anymore nowadays (i don’t mean it’s bad either) but having done it a few years ago, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Underground music is what pushes the limits of music, what breaks the limits of what we can think of when listening to music. I just don’t like that a true artist like you supports this kind of behaviours. Have you turned the radio on lately? Concerning electronic music, you’ll notice there’s only shit coming out of the speakers. This is because all this walking Products fooling people into thinking that wearing big sunglasses and making a collaboration with the hotest chick makes you cool. People don’t pay attention to music anymore. And supporting all this crap is not going to make things better.

      I hope you understand my point.

      Take care,


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