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Here’s something for the obsessive record collector to do with his free time: catalog your vinyl on Discogs. I would really like to do it too but as time accelerates I don’t want any of the past to steal from the future. Maybe I can get someone to do it for me? I never knew you could export your collection as a .XLS file… good stuff.

“Learn how to quickly catalog, appraise, and sell your records online using a free site called Discogs.” – Cnet

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10 thoughts on “Catalog your Vinyl”

  1. Yeah I am working on the organizing part right now, as my collections has spilled out all over the studio, when I was given a friends amazing collection. I’ve tried the discogs barcode scanner and its hit and miss but a nice feature!

      1. you know sorry i think i added the bar code scanner in there because i used it this week. I’ve got at least 2000+ records. I really need to thin the heard a bit. But lately I’ve been finding all these great disco, italo and proto house records around for real cheap, so i am a bit of an addict.
        I mean who could turn away this

        1. Excellent record of course! Honestly I can’t sell anything. I find that B-sides I thought were crap in the 80s I now love. If I were super wealthy I’d hire someone to transfer everything in high quality… audio and images to digital. For now I’ll have to just visit them in storage from time to time!

      1. OH i have not seen the grid view – imma check – yeah I do have more vinyl than that, they’re just kinda my favourites – I don’t really bother putting CDs up there much either.

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